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One of many Wichita pro-life help centers

A short letter to the editor from an ordinary pro-life citizen has beautifully undermined a celebratory April 3 newspaper story that ran under the headline, “Wichita clinic says provided 1,200 abortions.”

The Wichita Eagle report gushes over what is now called the SouthWind Women’s Center, which opened one year ago amidst nationally-orchestrated fanfare. What did the letter remind us of? That

in only six weeks, just one Wichita pro-life center alone sees 1,200 women! And rather than offer death, it offers true ‘service.’

What is the SouthWind Women’s Center (SWWC) and who is behind it? For starters, it is located in the building that for decades was used by the late George Tiller, internationally known for performing late, late abortions. It most famously included an onsite incinerator for the “human remains.”

And it is now owned by former Tiller lobbyist, Julie Burkhart whose “quest” to reopen the abortion clinic was the subject of numerous sympathetic profiles.

“Patient numbers are right in line with our projections,” Burkhart said, “1,500 patients for reproductive care, including abortions up to 14 weeks. ” A fair question to ask both of the Wichita Eagle and Burkhart is when has any abortion business ever sought a story to proclaim how many abortions it sold?

It could be because Burkhart is trying to reassure her funding base that her business will be successful in the face of yet another annual state report showing a decline in the number of Kansas abortions. As reported in NRL News Today last week, there were 7,479 abortions in 2013–or less than 145 per week, including out-of-state women who came to Kansas for their abortions.

“I feel that in this line of work, with the legislation that’s become law and the political climate, our work at times feels tenuous at best,” Burkhart told the Eagle. “I wish he [Tiller] could be here, I miss him every day. He lives on through our work here.”

Put aside the disturbing idea that someone “lives on” through the death of thousands of unborn babies and recall that SWWC is “flying-in” abortionists because it’s unable to secure local doctors.

Instead consider the letter to the editor that focused on true women’s health care that is being provided for free by at least eight local organizations. The author writes

“Let’s put this in perspective. A Better Choice [a Catholic local help center] sees an average of 200 clients per week. So it [alone] passes the 1,500 mark in seven or eight weeks. …Nobody flies in to assist these women. Local providers – doctors, nurses, counselors, sonogram technicians and volunteers – guide women with unplanned pregnancies to motherhood.”

What a great perspective!

Let’s compare what SWWC sells as women’s health: “OB care” is defined as pregnancy & infertility counseling, pregnancy testing and referrals to local obstetricians. Their “adoption” service is linkage with an Ohio abortion clinic that says it also arranges adoptions.

SWWC’s bread and butter, of course, is the abortion business advertised at $600-$700 each, with a special ‘speedy’ option for another $200. And 1,200 abortions Burkhart claims were obtained in 2013 provide them conservatively with three-quarters of a million dollars in revenue.

Meanwhile, what are the genuinely helpful services available for women in Wichita beyond the essential pregnancy testing and ultrasound services? First of all, the assistance is personal— provided without cost, by professionals and volunteers with no financial stake in the outcome. No “out-of-staters” or phone networking, but real people with a stake in helping local women lacking essential information and support.

A large variety of services are readily available, including

  • Help in establishing medical care for pregnancy;
  • Nutritional assistance;
  • Access to maternity and baby items;
  • Information on adoption and support afterwards;
  • Therapy, including substance abuse and domestic battery issues;
  • Budget and job search training;
  • Education on childbirth and parenting;
  • Mentoring and peer support;
  • Specialized hospice for potentially lethal fetal abnormalities; and
  • After-abortion recovery care.

Kansans are pro-life and resent the re-opening of an abortion business. However the Wichita community is showing its heart, year after year, in providing authentic health care for pregnant women and their families.

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Pro-life practitioners and supporters gathered with Gov. Sam Brownback for the ceremonial signing of the Healthcare Rights of Conscience bill.

Pro-life physicians, pharmacists and their supporters gathered Wednesday with Gov. Brownback for the ceremonial signing of the new Healthcare Rights of Conscience law, a top priority for Kansans for Life.

The passage of yet another pro-life law under a pro-life governor is the result of decades of relentless work by pro-lifers, who refused to allow abortion to be assimilated into society as ordinary healthcare.  Pro-life Kansans put those concerns into action by creating no-cost crisis pregnancy centers across the state –which rely on the volunteer medical help of dedicated physicians and nurses.

The Healthcare Rights of Conscience law, which will go into effect July 1, updates 40-year-old state statutes, which clearly covered hospitals and staff opposed to abortion.

The new law will protect individual medical practitioners from job loss and medical facilities from lawsuits

when they absent themselves from abortion involvement and referrals.  This protection also would extend to involvement with drugs and devices “reasonably believed” to cause abortion.

The majority of ob/gyn physicians nationwide, unfortunately, belong to the abortion-supporting American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). A letter in the New York Times Wednesday from the current ACOG President complains that “Our message to politicians is unequivocal: Get out of our exam rooms.” But ACOG only means that certain politicians should get out— the pro-life ones!

This comports with ACOG’s November 2007 proclamation that Pro-life ob/gyns are not welcome. ACOG’s Ethics Committee Opinion #385 declared that ob-gyns opposed to abortion must provide referrals for, and even perform, abortions in certain situations, despite their conscientious belief that abortion involves the killing of an unborn child. Such a demand is an incursion on conscience that is not backed by any court decisions since Roe legalized abortion.

In rebuttal, to the ACOG demand, the Catholic Medical Association explained, “the committee that wrote this opinion shows no respect for the beliefs of others. They have moved from believing that abortion should be legal to defining it as ‘standard care’ under reproductive services. If physicians refuse to go along with these demands they risk having an ethics complaint filed against them.”

The disrespect for opposition to abortion, when sanctioned by the ACOG trade association, produces a “group think” mentality; as an example, in a new book, Five Strands of Hope, the author complains that she was told by four different physicians to abort one or more of her triplets!

Also, when conscience rights are not a priority in medicine, purposeful exclusion of dissenting voices is the desired norm. A dozen day-surgery nurses in New Jersey were terminated in 2010 for refusal to assist with abortions. They have since been reinstated after litigation, but numerous voices now state that anyone not willing to provide abortion should not enter the field of women’s health.

So, are pro-life practitioners in short supply? No survey gives specific numbers. Perhaps only 8%, or 1 in 12, are practicing pro-life medicine and pharmacy, but even that small a sector can be influential. In the classic movie, Twelve Angry Men, only one of the twelve jurors (played by actor Henry Fonda) wants to vote to acquit the accused. Over the course of the film, he slowly convinces the other eleven that reasonable doubt exists, thus preventing the execution of a possibly innocent man.

That’s what’s at stake— innocent human life, no matter how tiny! This is the time to support ethical practitioners and Kansas has done so with passage of the Healthcare Rights of Conscience law.

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Melanie McLaughlin, a Boston documentary filmmaker, decided to continue with her pregnancy after learning daughter Grace, pictured between her two siblings, had Down syndrome. She was convinced after meeting another family raising a child with the condition. Collapse (Courtesy Melanie McLaughlin)

Melanie McLaughlin, a Boston documentary filmmaker, decided to continue with her pregnancy after learning daughter Grace, pictured between her two siblings, had Down syndrome. She was convinced after meeting another family raising a child with the condition. (Courtesy Melanie McLaughlin)

ABC reported Monday at length that Down syndrome births drop as more women abort :
An estimated 92 percent of all women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to terminate their pregnancies… without knowing what it’s like to raise a child with Down syndrome… according to research reviewed by Dr. Brian Skotko, a pediatric geneticist at Children’s Hospital Boston. …  ‘Are they making [abortion decisions] on facts and up-to-date information? Research suggests not, and that mothers get inaccurate, incomplete and sometimes offensive information.’ ”

This cultural pressure to eradicate certain children was specifically addressed by the 2008 Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act authored by U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback to improve  (more…)

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There were two followup letters to a recent letter to the Kansas City Star

Pro-Life display Makes Difference
[Star title:  Anti-Abortion display makes difference]

Excerpts from these letters:


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[Star title:  Anti-abortion display offends]

A letter to the Kansas City Star claims the crosses at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Kansas City Missouri are “offensive”? 

The letter author claims:

It’s a “memorial” of sorts that tallies the daily number of abortions. It’s a horrific site and a classless, irresponsible display.

Read the complete letter on the  Star’s site.

Here’s a picture from the Catholic Key, St. Thomas More’s crosses, times 10, mark daily toll of lives lost to abortion:


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