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In an unprecedented move, the federal Health & Human Services director, Kathleen Sebelius, overruled a decision by the Food and Drug Administration to make Plan B (also called morning-after pills or emergency contraception) available without a prescription.

Since 2009, women younger than age 17 have needed a doctor’s prescription for Plan B, and Sebelius said  it should stay that way.

Sebelius said the pharmacy industry had NOT provided evidence that girls as young as 11 “can understand the label and use the product appropriately”.

Pro-lifers– thankful for any small victory in the culture war– nonetheless scratched their collective heads trying to discern Sebelius’ motives. Some opined she was throwing a bone to religious conservatives riled up at the continuing onslaught of hostile actions by the Obama administration.  To name just two of these actions:

  1. awarding preferential grants to unqualified, but abortion-supportive, groups to rescue & assist sex abuse victims;
  2. issuing contraceptive mandates for insurance plans without meaningful conscience exemptions.

As one well-known pro-abortion blogger noted, “ this victory for women’s health [was] snatched away at the last minute by Sebelius, sending shocks of confusion and betrayal through the pro-choice community, who always thought of Sebelius as a member in good standing.” (That’s an understatement.)

Planned Parenthood was curiously late (Thursday evening) in issuing a complaining letter to Sebelius, perhaps indicating (more…)

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Annual KFL Rally for Life

Kansas physician, Mila Means– who works at the Kansas City, Kansas abortion clinic, Aid for Women–is being sued by the landlord of her Wichita medical office, because she plans to begin doing abortions there.

Abortion is not only immoral, it makes a lousy business neighbor.  The landlord’s suit complains that Means’ intended abortion business is driving out other tenants.

According to the Associated Press, Foliage Development seeks a temporary restraining order to keep Means from performing abortions at its office complex in Wichita. A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 15.

But while the AP reporter got those facts correct, she ignored specific written info and a phone conversation that proved no malice afoot in the selection of a location for a peaceful prayer meeting scheduled for Friday night, Feb.4.

The facts are that Kansans for Life had contracted for any available east-central venue from the Wichita school district rental services.  It was a bureaucrat (whom KFL named to the press) who chose the specific public school location near where George Tiller was murdered. (more…)

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Kansas Catholic Bishops have issued “Election Year Questions and Answers”–a brochure “to help clarify the implications of candidates’ positions on issues of importance to Catholics.”  It states that

Catholics must gives precedence to issues that directly involve matters of intrinsic moral evil: abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and same-sex marriage.

It reminds that, as Cardinal Ratzinger explained before he became Pope Benedict XVI, “Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia…There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”

The Kansas document was distributed statewide over the past 2 weekends in local church bulletins.  It restates the Catholic opposition to this year’s new health care reform because it “fails to protect conscience rights” of health care providers and will also “force some Americans to pay directly for other people’s abortions.”

The Q & A does not discuss or recommend parties or candidates but is a follow up to the more extensive guidelines issued 2006 under the title, “Moral Principles for Catholic Voters.”

In that document, the Bishops stated, “it is a correct judgment of conscience that we would commit moral evil if we were to vote for a candidate who takes a permissive stand on those actions that are intrinsically evil when there is a morally-acceptable alternative.”

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Sr. Keehan with Vice President Joe Biden

UPDATE March 16: Archbishop Naumann contradicts CHA and asks for calls to swing votes.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops issued an emergency alert for parishioners to receive Sunday, urging opposition to the U.S. Senate health bill, Sr. Carol Keehan, head of the national Catholic Hospital Association, brazenly is supporting the bill, the AP reported Saturday.

(Pro-lifers: take action here)

Keehan has been faulted for being too closely allied with the push for universal health care. Keehan attended a March 3 White House briefing at the White House, an event she said clarified her decision.  However, the Bishops  this week enumerated all the ways abortion is embedded in the Senate bill/Obamacare. (more…)

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Jan.22 2009, Marching for Life in Topeka

Lifenews.com summarized the national pro-life stories that dominated in 2009, and we offer highlights from Kansas pro-life legislative and political news this past year:


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U.S. Bishops have just strengthened protection for patients with impaired consciousness in their newly revised ethical guidelines for Catholic hospitals and providers.  Read more here about their defense of food and water as ordinary care.

With our Titanic- health care economy heading toward the anti-life, anti-disability Obama-care iceberg, this document warns (more…)

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From Kansans for Life advisory board member, Cathy McDonnell:
If you are interested in signing the Manhattan Declaration, you can go to The Manhattan Declaration.  The Manhattan Declaration is a statement from a group of Catholic and Protestant leaders, as well as lay people, publicly supporting the dignity of life, the family and freedom of conscience.

You can read about the declaration at the site.  The gist is that Christians will not participate in ethical issues which go against their faith and –if need be– will practice civil disobedience. (more…)

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