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Yesterday, the Kansas’ state health department, KDHE, released teen pregnancy data from 1991-2010 so that legislators, policy-makers and the public can monitor “emerging concerns” and “progress in reducing adolescent and teen pregnancy”.

Overall, fewer Kansas girls now get pregnant during their teen years than did 20 years ago. The report also notes, “While Kansas has exceeded the national targets for teen pregnancy, the state’s birth rate for females aged 15-19 remains higher than the national rate.”

Hmm, that last statement needs a bit of parsing: Kansas is seeing lower rates of teens getting pregnant, but–

in contrast to national statistics– an unborn child of a teen mother in Kansas has a higher chance of being born!

That affirmation of life is good news for pro-life Kansans, apart from concerns about the struggles of young single mothers and the statistical hurdles of children without stable, two-parent homes.

As of 2010, 86% of Kansas moms, aged 19 and under, choose life with 13% obtaining abortions. The KDHE report charts the decreasing teen pregnancy rates, breaking out data by race and age groups.

In the analysis of 15-17 year-old Kansas teens in 2010, 14 out of every 1,000 (more…)

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Neuhaus' current KU photo as a "fellow" of public health

Has the Kansas medical license of Kris Neuhaus actually been revoked by the state Healing Arts Board? Not quite, despite certain media headlines.

An “initial order,” that her license be revoked was sent to the Board by Administrative Law Judge, Edward Gashler, who presided over her disciplinary hearing this winter.  The order was made public Tuesday. (Kansans for Life was notified, because we have filed formal complaints with considerable documentation against Neuhaus, accompanied by thousands of citizen signatures.)

And the order strongly indicts Neuhaus’ so-called counsel of young pregnant women seeking late-term abortions in Wichita in 2003. The order also described Neuhaus’ sole professional witness (a KU physician) as “not credible.”

But the order that her license be revoked is not operative quite yet, as it is yet to be reviewed and voted out by a majority of the Board as a “final order”.

Because such matters legally require 10 days notice, the Neuhaus matter will not be on the Board’s regularly scheduled bimonthly meeting this Friday.  It is probably headed for the Board’s April meeting agenda, although technically, the Board could ask to deal with it sooner.

(Neuhaus also is on the calendar for a separate Board-ordered hearing March 8, on whether (more…)

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D.A. Chad Taylor

Abortion news stories are often subjected to a Friday afternoon “news dump”—a practice intended to hide a story’s significance—but even by that standard the latest revelations about a Kansas investigation into document shredding was a doozie.

On February 17, Chad Taylor, the Democrat District Attorney for the jurisdiction of the capital city of Kansas, issued a press release saying he’d not be filing any criminal charges concerning abortion report copies needed for felony prosecution of Planned Parenthood. 

Because Taylor’s declaration of “no harm, no foul” was so full of errors (including essential dates and the job of a key informant), its summary disposition of the matter settled nothing other than that Taylor is not even in the right ball park.

However, be that as it may, Taylor’s statement signaled the conclusion of a sheriff’s investigation begun in November after it was asserted that copies of state reports from Planned Parenthood that should have been in the Attorney General’s office had been destroyed. These (more…)

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Breast Cancer Prevention Institute head, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, talked to student nurses Feb.7 at Benedictine College

Abortion supporters have grossly mischaracterized the provisions of the Pro-Life Protections Act, HB 2598, and, as expected, the Wichita Eagle blindly editorialized it as a measure that “defies mainstream science”.

One of the purposes of HB 2598 is to codify basic elements of the informed consent pamphlet, so it cannot become a political football as it had been in the Sebelius administration. HB 2598 says that the booklet,
“shall also contain objective information… including risk of premature birth in future pregnancies, [and] risk of breast cancer…”  

Anti-life opponents try to frighten legislators that the national medical advocacy groups do not acknowledge the abortion-breast cancer link, but KDHE has already recognized their duty to inform women about it.

Two full paragraphs about abortion links to pre-term birth and breast cancer are ALREADY published here on page 24 of the online version of the Kansas Woman’s Right to Know pamphlet. The pre-term info is acccurate and the breast cancer section still needs tweaking to more clearly convey these relevant biological facts.

FACT: Most women who have abortions will not get breast cancer, and most women with breast cancer did not have abortions.

However, in the last 40 years (more…)

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Kari Rinker, KS NOW

The lobbyist for the National Organization for Women, Kari Rinker, is known for her strident testimony in the Kansas Statehouse but her behavior was miles outside the bounds of civil discourse during Thursday’s hearing for the Pro-Life Protections Act, House Bill 2598.

The new legislation prohibits various state funding and tax credits for abortions, strengthens civil rights for the unborn and improves informed consent information for abortion-minded women.

The media and observers appeared stunned at what can only be described as a rant –and even the most-abortion-supporting member of the committee held her head down, seemingly in dismay. (more…)

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Komen: racing for the cure and towards the truth?

The national pro-life community is rejoicing at Tuesday’s revelation that Planned Parenthood has lost the hefty financial support of the Susan J. Komen foundation, the  “pink ribbon” organization self-described as leading the war against breast cancer. (see lifenews.com for many stories on this)

Yet Komen had been defeating their stated mission all along by denying the abortion-breast cancer link while funding the nation’s top abortion business. So please understand that,

  1. while Komen has taken a positive step to sever ties with Planned Parenthood, the official statement has NOT been that they have taken their blinders off on the medical evidence about the abortion/breast cancer link, because the abortion risk denial is still part of their website!
  2. Instead, a Komen spokeswoman said Planned Parenthood, which is under Congressional investigation, has become ineligible due to a new Komen policy on denying funds to entities in legal trouble; other sources say Komen has nixed pass-thru grants, the kind Planned Parenthood was accustomed to receiving. (see this article).

Yes, it is great that Planned Parenthood’s undeserved veneer of respectability is crumbling, not only by the desertion of Komen, but through the LiveAction undercover exposes buttressing state and federal actions to defund the abortion giant. But if you thank Komen (news@komen.org), do not forget to tell them to ‘fess up about the “ABC” (abortion-breast cancer) link.

In Kansas, we found (more…)

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