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This is a tender, short video. It is particularly searing, because– without showing any torn bodies– it poignantly focuses on how tiny lives are discarded.

As more states adopt stronger legal protection for innocent, precious unborn babies, the mainstream media focuses only on a cynical tally of of legislative ‘victories’ in a ‘war on women.’

Guttmacher pro-abortion analysts are quoted ad nauseum about hundreds of “tightened restrictions” …”more in one year that we have ever seen.”

It defies credulity that these pro-life laws are all about political calculation and have no beneficial results.  Yet can anyone find even ONE story– or newspaper editorial– that finds ANY merit in these pro-life measures? (more…)

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Gov. Brownback receives KFL winning poster, Kansas - a great place for babies to be born

This week, an Associated Press commentary said, “Kansas will soon become one of the most difficult places in the country for a woman to obtain an abortion.”

This is the language of the abortion lobby– that “access” to  “ending pregnancy” can be rated as user-friendly or not.

We believe the pro-life laws going into effect July 1st offer the top-tier protection for children in the womb– and their mothers– permitted under the Supreme-Court mandated Roe v Wade regime.

See a summary of new pro-life laws and budget provisions HERE.

Kansas pro-lifers’ prayers and persistence achieved the strongest possible pro-life state laws as soon as we (more…)

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