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Facility Guidelines Institute was a KDHE source for abortion regs

The state Rules & Regs Board met in the Statehouse today to approve temporary regulations devised by KDHE (state health department) to administer the new abortion licensure law, going into effect tomorrow, July 1.

Planned Parenthood– after lobbying tooth and nail for nearly a decade against this law, and whining all week long about regulations as being unnecessary and impossible to achieve in short time– secured a license late today.   KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, commented,

“Frankly, Planned Parenthood securing a license was never seriously in doubt and they knew it; they used it for political purposes to re-position themselves as the victims of political persecution prior to them having to return to CRIMINAL court in Johnson County on July 15th after a two year interruption caused by former AG Steve Six.

Planned Parenthood promised to withdraw a lawsuit they had filed against the licensure law, although they are still pursuing another lawsuit to regain access to Title X federal family planning money. (see court filings: motion here. memo here, and complaint here) (more…)

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Excerpt of state violations v Kansas PP

Planned Parenthood filed suit today to get the court to force Kansas to give them nearly one-third million dollars in tax money. (see court filings: motion here. memo here, and complaint here)

The newly approved  Kansas Budget directs that family planning services financed in any way under “Title X” federal rules must be contracted primarily with public health clinics and secondarily with qualified non-public hospitals or health centers that provide comprehensive health care–primary and preventative.

In plain language, Kansas wants to support the local health clinics that see patients of all ages and provide a wide range of services including immunizations, screenings, physicals, and referrals.  These health clinics are easily accessible, important to a community, and serve the poor.

By definition of their limited practices, Planned Parenthood fails in this mission. (more…)

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Mila Means trained at Aid for Women clinic, unfit to license

Not surprisingly, the Kansas City, Kansas, Aid for Women abortion mill is reporting the state health department will not grant them licensure under the new law for abortion facilities.

Aid for Women has been the “training ground” for Mila Means, a 57-year-old floundering family practitioner who wants to open a new Wichita abortion facility.

This same clinic has been the notorious breeding ground of misbehaving Kansas abortionists, four of which Kansans for Life ‘outed’ and pushed the state Healing Arts Board to discipline:

  • (1992) Malcolm Knarr, a drug addicted felon who, when losing his license, was being sued for botched abortions every 4 months;
  • (1993) Sherman Zaremski, who fabricated years of false medical records for his partner Knarr, and who performed at least one abortion on young sisters who were being incested (see details here)
  • (1993) Kris Neuhaus, who was twice labeled a danger to the public, (more…)

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KCK abortion mill fears new law

For many years, abortion businesses in Kansas have claimed to legislative committees that they do not need state oversight and that they already adhere to high industry standards. So it’s quite interesting that Wednesday’s AP story speculates that Kansas’ 3 abortion businesses may not meet the July 1 facility regulations that the state health department (KDHE) is implementing for the new licensure law. Ironically, most provisions in the new Kansas law were taken from the published standards of the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood!  To that was added requirements that any abortion must be done by a Kansas-licensed physician with local hospital privileges, and that chemical abortion pills must not be provided via computer. Contrary to abortion supporters’ rant on this page, the law complies with decades of abortion court rulings, and is particularly governed by Greenville Women’s Clinic v. Bryant, 222 F.3d 157 (4th Cir.2000).  The U.S. Supreme Court did not take the Greenville lower court case for review, and let stand the ruling that South Carolina state standards for licensing abortion clinics ARE constitutional. The court found the state’s regulations:

  • did not impose an undue burden on the right to seek abortion;
  • do serve a valid purpose in safeguarding the health of women;
  • had a rational basis for regulating abortion clinics, while not regulating other healthcare facilities, [noting that] abortions are “inherently different from other medical procedures, because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”

The South Carolina standards –upheld as constitutional– are actually more stringent than the new Kansas law! (more…)

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Six nomination on hold

The delay AGAIN today of the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee to confirm Steve Six for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is very good news.

Six was rather a stealth candidate, having served as a district judge for only 2 1/2 years before being appointed the Attorney General of Kansas in Dec. 2007 by then-Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Six’s “abortion payback” federal bench nomination by Sebelius /Obama is now in the works. Both Kansas U.S. Senators are publicly opposing it, which was complained about by the Obama administration.  The remaining Senators apparently are avoiding a confirmation vote, even in this Democrat dominated Judiciary committee.

Six does not deserve this honor, due to his blatant advocacy for law-breaking abortionists when he was supposed to be preserving the rule of law and standing up to corruption.

Kansans for Life has written detailed commentaries here  and here to educate the Senators about the Six record and alerted KFL members to raise their voices.

KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, commented, ” We’re happy the vote was put off again, but we intend to hover (more…)

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An unhappy White House called Kansas’ U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran’s office Thursday, in response to his public statement opposing confirmation of former Kansas AG Steve Six to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Apparently, the Obama administration wanted Moran to change his mind, but a top staffer said he will not, according to info from the pro-life Kansas Republican Assembly.

High court nominees must get Senate confirmation, following recommendation from the Judiciary committee, which has 10 Democrats-to-8 GOP members.

It’s bad news when the nominee’s home state senators won’t support him– which explains the sudden one-week delay on the vote for Six.

Frequently, opposition from home state lawmakers is enough to sink a nomination and such nominees eventually withdraw, have their nomination pulled by the presidential administration or find themselves the subject of a filibuster.(read more here)

Both U.S. Senators (more…)

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This cartoon reminds us what Steve Six’s true role was as Kansas Attorney General from 2008- 2010– protecting the abortion cartel in Kansas.

From day one in office, Six promoted the fiction that constant vigilance was needed to “protect patient privacy” even in paperwork scrubbed clean of personally-identifying data.

UPDATE, Jun 15 9:30pm: Sen. Roberts issued new press release saying he “will not support [Six’s] nomination [and]have urged my colleagues on the committee to vote against his nomination.” Sen. Moran’s office released a similar statement opposing Six.

READ THIS for our 3-page, footnoted summary of how Steve Six intensified the abortion corruption in this state. (more…)

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This is a tender, short video. It is particularly searing, because– without showing any torn bodies– it poignantly focuses on how tiny lives are discarded.

As more states adopt stronger legal protection for innocent, precious unborn babies, the mainstream media focuses only on a cynical tally of of legislative ‘victories’ in a ‘war on women.’

Guttmacher pro-abortion analysts are quoted ad nauseum about hundreds of “tightened restrictions” …”more in one year that we have ever seen.”

It defies credulity that these pro-life laws are all about political calculation and have no beneficial results.  Yet can anyone find even ONE story– or newspaper editorial– that finds ANY merit in these pro-life measures? (more…)

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Gov. Brownback receives KFL winning poster, Kansas - a great place for babies to be born

This week, an Associated Press commentary said, “Kansas will soon become one of the most difficult places in the country for a woman to obtain an abortion.”

This is the language of the abortion lobby– that “access” to  “ending pregnancy” can be rated as user-friendly or not.

We believe the pro-life laws going into effect July 1st offer the top-tier protection for children in the womb– and their mothers– permitted under the Supreme-Court mandated Roe v Wade regime.

See a summary of new pro-life laws and budget provisions HERE.

Kansas pro-lifers’ prayers and persistence achieved the strongest possible pro-life state laws as soon as we (more…)

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