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We counted 38 (both presenters & attendees) at today's PP rally/march in Topeka

Planned Parenthood rallied their troops today in Topeka to fight state and federal defunding bans.  But even the 72-degree temperature couldn’t lure more than 38 people, including abortion industry lobbyists.

The desperation is palpable.  Unitarian minister Tom Belote warned the group that women will die of cancer if Planned Parenthood loses tax money.

That was an obvious reference to breast cancer, since the group waved pink signs, referencing the pink-ribbon Komen anti-breast cancer campaign.  However Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms at ANY facility.

There are 1,200 Federally Qualified Health Centers that provide the same care PP does – plus mammograms – along with providing other health care services for the entire family.  These are the kinds of legitimate community health clinics in Kansas that legislators want to fund, especially in these tough economic times.

On Feb. 8, Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) offered such a ‘defund Planned Parenthood’ amendment to the current 2010/11 budget and it passed the House 91-26. Gov. Brownback’s proposed budget also defunds Planned Parenthood, which nationally made $1.2 billion in profits last year.

The Planned Parenthood national business report recently released shows the embattled agency did more abortions in 2009 than it has done in any prior year.  The 2009 figures show it provided fewer pregnant women with non-abortion services:

  • 97.6 % of pregnant women who went to Planned Parenthood were sold abortions,
  • with a 25 % drop in prenatal care clients,
  • and a whopping 59 % decline in adoption referrals.

Despite its protestations that (more…)

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A press conference was convened at the Topeka Statehouse, Thursday, on behalf of approximately 90 state reps and senators calling for the government to prosecute child rape cover-ups at Planned Parenthood instead of “persecuting” former AG Phill Kline.

Approximately 3 dozen lawmakers (seen in part, above left) surrounded Rep. Steve Brunk, (R-Bel Aire), their spokesman (seen above right), as he articulated these points:

  • The recent Kline ethics hearings have again shed a light on the failure of Kansas to meet the state’s obligation to promote justice, which includes protecting children from abuse.
  • It is past time to stop the personal attack on the former attorney general and begin investigating the horrendous actions of the abortion industry and specifically, Planned Parenthood.
  • During the 2001-2003 time frame, Kline discovered there were 249 recorded abortions performed on children 14 years of age or under, but only 2 child abuse reports made, one from Planned Parenthood and one from the now-closed clinic of George Tiller.
  • An unholy alliance (more…)

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Christin Gilbert, 2005 Wichita abortion death

Overland Park, Kansas abortionist, Herbert Hodes, traveled to Topeka Wednesday to testify against the abortion clinic licensing bill, but while doing so, revealed something neither the committee nor the public has ever heard–that there have been 5 maternal abortion deaths in Kansas over the past 5 years!

This bombshell admission alone should prove why Kansas needs the Abortion Clinic Licensure  Act, HB 2337, which was the subject of the House Federal & State Affairs committee hearing that continues today.

So, an abortionist who came to oppose clinic licensure inadvertently gave us the very reason to pass this legislation!  This begs the question if there were that many maternal abortion deaths, how many abortion injuries are occurring ?

HB 2337 and its twin in the Senate, SB 165, are essentially the same legislation to regulate clinics that former Gov. Sebelius vetoed twice, claiming it was unneeded in 2003 and that it unfairly singled out abortion in 2005.

HB 2337 creates abortion incident reporting to KDHE and professional boards such that the death of an aborted mother is reported within 1 business day and other injuries within 10 business days.

Unfortunately, the hearing was on a shortened time frame and committee members wanting to further question Hodes learned he would not be able to return Thursday. Some of the questions to pose would be:

1) How did Hodes hear of these deaths, and were any from his business?

2) How many deaths were reported to the state Board of Healing Arts? Kansans for Life has (more…)

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Planned Parenthood exploits pregnancy tragedy

This weekend, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, an abortion chain with 23 locations in Iowa and Nebraska, has exploited a pregnancy tragedy in an attempt to derail legislation in Iowa — and other states, including Kansas– to protect pain-capable unborn children from the excruciating pain of abortion. Video here.

Last November, Nebraskan Danielle Deavers suffered a complete premature rupture of the membranes at 22 weeks into her pregnancy, forecasting a dismal future: her unborn child, Elizabeth, would likely be born with head deformities, muscle tissue compaction and a halted lung development, contributing to a 10% chance of survival.

An abortion was not legally available as her unborn child was alive and Deaver was not suffering a life-threatening physical medical emergency. In an interview taped at Planned Parenthood, the obviously still-grieving parents (more…)

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A central reason given in Roe v. Wade for the legalization of abortion was the claim that, “Abortion is safer than childbirth.”  Though the claim has no basis in fact, the British Obstetric & Gynecology College has now recommended women be told that claim.

Reporting about abortions and their complications is not accurate, explains Dr. Jack Wilke. The comparison of abortion deaths to childbirth deaths is not only comparing apples with oranges, but has so many qualifying factors and unknowns that any type of reasonably accurate comparison is all but impossible.

A perfect example is the Kansas City Aid for Women clinic, that doesn’t even try to use current data.  Their online informed consent says, “First trimester procedures are safer than carrying to full-term…The mortality rate with legal abortions is 1 in 160,000…maternal death [is] 14 death per 100,000 live births when you include obstetric complications within the first year.”  The citation is not a bit current, it’s a 1987 CDC [Center for Disease Control] survey, itself flawed.

CDC is supposed to collect the number of abortions done nationwide,  but there are a number of states that don’t comply, including the huge state of California. A state that doesn’t even report abortions, certainly is not going to be reporting any sort of statistically relevant information about complications. So a high percentage of abortion complications are never reported.

‘Maternal mortality’ reported in the U.S. does not merely count deaths during or immediately following childbirth, it includes deaths from

  1. induced abortion (!);
  2. tubal and molar pregnancies;
  3. heart disease and high blood pressure, which may only be peripherally related to delivery;
  4. injuries and trauma UP TO ONE YEAR AFTER DELIVERY–including death from car accidents and murder!

Another factor is that the very few studies done (more…)

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