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Judicial ethics office vs Kline = the pot calling the kettle black

This is day 6 of seven scheduled days aimed at convicting former Kansas AG Phill Kline of violating the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct .

But it now looks as if the Kansas Supreme Court’s ‘ethical watchdogs’ (the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator, headed by Stanton Hazlett) used ‘evidence’ gained in clear violation of those very rules.

UPDATE: Day 7 news here, here and here. Day 8 here, here, here, and here.

Last week, it was revealed that a compact disc of abortion-related data developed during the Kline administration somehow ended up with George Tiller’s legal team during AG Steve Six’s administration.  According to the ‘official’ story as explained on Friday,

Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat, ‘just found the disc laying on a courtroom table after a Nov. 2008 hearing in Wichita,’ and some time later turned this disc over to Hazlett’s office.

Today’s testimony from (more…)

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Don’t skip the most hard-hitting, rapid-fire, fact-filled interview yet done with Abby Johnson, author of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey Across the Life Line.

Touching on every current abortion controversy from national undercover clinic stings to Phill Kline’s revelation about Kansas non-reporting, Abby exposes the inside workings  of abortion giant Planned Parenthood from the perspective of an ex-clinic manager. Interview is HERE, starting at minute 8 and ending at minute 40.

In the face of federal action to strip any tax funding, Planned Parenthood has misstated:

Abby discusses all this and more.  This is vitally important information to share.

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Rep. Joe Patton carried the 'pain-capable unborn' bill

On Thursday, the Kansas House gave final passage to 2 important pro-life bills, authored by Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe). Several hostile amendments were soundly rebuffed. The victory margins would have been greater had three pro-life supporters not been unavoidably absent.

The first bill, HB 2035, the Abortion Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act, passed 96-25. It strengthens parental involvement for pregnant minors, improves judicial bypass protocol, acknowledges that abortion will terminate the life of a separate, whole, unique living human being, and includes provisions preventing abortion fraud that were passed but vetoed 3 times by past Governors Sebelius & Parkinson.

Rep. Kinzer carried this bill, overcoming objections that parental consent with a waiver for objective situations–available in 25 other states– would adversely affect a pregnant teen in an abusive family situation.  Kinzer also exposed a hostile amendment as giving abortionists the right to decide when a teen involves her parents. The hostile amendments failed.

The second bill, HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, passed 91-30. It is landmark legislation, (more…)

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Maddow spins failed KS abortionist as victim

According to the Kansas state Board of Healing arts, years of illegal late abortions were performed by George Tiller with Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus as the rubberstamp for those abortions.

At the time of Tiller’s murder, and after Larry Buening was forced to resign as director, the Board was actively engaged in legal actions to remove Tiller’s medical license.  The Board is now– though twice delayed– scheduled to do the same to Neuhaus.

In a show vilifying Phill Kline and pro-life protestors as a whole, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed the reclusive Neuhaus Wednesday night.

Neuhaus tries on a new image (more…)

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Phill Kline (photo by lifesitenews.com)

UPDATES: Day 1 of trial. Day 2 here. Day 3 here, here, and here. Day 4 here. Day 5 here. Day 6 here.

From this excellent NRO piece by Katherine J. Lopez: Phill Kline has been put “on trial for insisting Planned Parenthood be held accountable for what it claims to be about: women’s health care and safety.

Before there was a House vote to potentially begin to end funding of Planned Parenthood, as there was Friday; before there was a 22-year-old girl named Lila Rose leading private investigations exposing Planned Parenthood as a safe haven for pimps of underage girls; before there was a Philadelphia prosecutor exposing a “house of horrors” too long protected by abortion politics, there was Phill Kline, a law-enforcement official doing his job.

Today Kline remains the only prosecutor in the United States to have brought charges against Planned Parenthood. And for this, Planned Parenthood and its allies are determined to see him pay. As if he hasn’t already: Even when he wins it is portrayed as a defeat.

Denis Boyles, author of Superior, Nebraska: The Common Sense Values of America’s Heartland, has explained well the predicament Kline finds himself in, dragged back to his home state for one final humiliation (more…)

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‘Catholics-for-a free-choice’ founder, Frances Kissling, is waving the white flag in the face of rapidly disappearing public support for the abortion absolutist position.  She points out that it is counter-productive to continue to

  • pretend the fetus is invisible,
  • seek to banish the state from our lives,
  • treat abortion at 26 weeks as no different from one at six weeks.

Yet the very kind of rhetorical time warp this abortion strategist claims is untenable, was advanced by abortion zealots who came to the Capitol to oppose Kansas bills governing abortions in the second half of pregnancy (HB 2035 and HB 2218).

The House Federal & State Affairs committee heard testimony from Kansas N.O.W., TrustWomen PAC and Planned Parenthood that was irrelevant to the content of the bills, dismissive of the unborn child, and argued that it is invalid for government to “intrude” on abortion decisions.

In a weekend Washington Post editorial, Kissling wrote, “We [‘prochoicers’] need to firmly and clearly reject post-viability abortions except in extreme cases. Exceptions include (more…)

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On Thursday, abortion supporters recited stories about the emotional pain of aborting children with fetal anomalies and offered it as opposition to HB 2218, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  UPDATE, Fri. Feb. 19: The House Fed-State committee passed the bill.

The TrustWomen PAC (created by George Tiller’s assistant, Julie Burkhart) “testified” by showing a video extolling his late-term practice–the same video shown by Burkhart to this same committee in 2007.  The committee would have been more enlightened with the following video, in which Tiller says (at the 3 minute point in video) that the unborn infant at 18 weeks feels pain:

Abortion supporters opposing HB 2218 brought no intellectual firepower to counter the medical experts that had testified definitively on Wednesday for the pro-life side.

Instead, bill opponents tried an emotional appeal by bringing Tiffany Campbell from South Dakota to the podium.  She recounted her personal situation in 2006, with a twin-to twin transfusion syndrome pregnancy.  Campbell says she followed the maternal expert recommendation to abort the ailing twin and that her only other option was a life- threatening operation.

Yet she claimed to oppose HB 2218, which clearly allows abortion when the mother’s life is threatened!

Campbell’s situation in 2006 might have qualified as a true exception permitted under HB 2218 (section 3 of the bill).  Such abortions would be permitted if, “in reasonable medical judgment”, (more…)

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PP newsletter touts party w/ Sebelius

HHS head Kathleen Sebelius is in hot water on 2 fronts: health care conscience rights and funding for Planned Parenthood.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel wants Sebelius to justify funding abortion giant Planned Parenthood after it’s been caught red-handed –repeatedly–in the despicable act of aiding and abetting sex trafficking and prostitution of girls as young as 14.

Congressman Mike Pence has introduced legislation that would yank PP’s Title X family planning money, but he told the Times he will go further and introduce an amendment to cut all federal funding to PP.

Congress can’t possibly expect any honest help defunding Planned Parenthood from Sebelius, with a long history of collaborating with abortion interests.

In 2006, Sebelius & PP President Cecile Richards teamed up to (more…)

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Douglas Johnson: fed law "abortion truth-detector"

Under Obamacare, states were supposed to start setting up insurance health “exchanges” by January 2013.

Individual states were to be allowed to keep abortion out of their state exchange, and Kansas lawmakers have prepared legislation to insure our future exchange would be abortion-free.

Even then, Kansas taxpayers would be paying for abortions in other state insurance exchanges.

To prevent that, NRLC federal legislation director, Douglas Johnson, testified Wednesday to a House Subcommittee that the “Protect Life Act” (H.R. 358) will correct Obamacare direct abortion subsidies, as well as provisions for abortion-expanding administrative mandates.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the “Protect Life Act” out of committee on Friday.

Johnson, has been the truth detector on Obamacare, blowing the whistle on how its first implementation– insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions– paid for abortions. (HHS later removed that coverage, which can be reversed anytime.)

But two recent developments present significant obstacles to the entire Obamacare law!

  1. A ruling for a lawsuit on behalf of 26 states (including Kansas) by Judge Roger Vinson said the entire Obamacare program must be scrapped because the mandate to buy insurance is unconstitutional and there’s no severability clause to save the rest. Utah has now decided it is not bound by Obamacare.
  2. Gov. Sam Brownback and 19 other governors have sent a letter this week to HHS warning they may ignore the exchange mandate.  This move affects millions of dollars in “innovation” grants that Kansas’ (pro-abortion) Insurance Commissioner Sandi Praeger was deeply involved in.

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This afternoon, the House Federal State Affairs committee passed the Abortion Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act, HB 2035.

Committee members Judith Loganbill (D-Wichita), Sean Gatewood (D-Topeka) and Ponca-We Victors (D-Wichita) voted against passage with 2 other abortion-supporting committee members absent.

The Abortion Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act (HB 2035 content and sponsors here) reflects that parents should be counseling and protecting their underage pregnant daughters, especially in light of yet another undercover expose of Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staff (audio only):

With yet more proof of the outrageous behavior inside clinics toward underage pregnant girls, committee passage of a stronger parental involvement bill was a no-brainer.

An identical bill has been filed in the Senate, SB 146, by Senators Mark Taddiken (R- Clifton) and Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson). See bill content and Senate co-sponsor list here.

Under HB 2035/SB 146, if minors apply to court to bypass their parents, the judge in the proceeding should

  • use a strong standard of “clear & convincing” evidence;
  • prepare an adequate court record of why the girl is circumventing her parents;
  • be allowed to order counseling for the minor;
  • be required to inform authorities if abuse is suspected.

HB 2035/SB 146, the Abortion Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act, also governs the reporting of late abortions with provisions that were vetoed 3 times by abortion-supporting past governors Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson.

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