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actual 2005 Kansas abortion clinic "recovery room" without clean sheets or professional monitoring

With news that two state-licensed physicians, Mila L. Means and Gregory S. Linhardt, are training  to open an abortion venture in Wichita, it is worth noting that

Kansas still has no law to inspect and license abortion clinics.

Any Kansas clinic that is essentially the office of a state-licensed physician is under the authority of the state Board of Healing Arts, and, since 2006, required to adhere to minimum safety and sanitation standards.

Abortion businesses, however, are notorious for cutting safety corners and using untrained, low-wage staff (see last week’s Florida example).  In part, this is because aborted women are resistant to protesting shoddy treatment and unhygienic facilities for fear of exposing their abortion.

This is why the fight to regulate abortion clinics has been so important and why  Kansans for Life – after years of having Sebelius prevent clinic regulation —quietly participated with a subcommittee of the Board, to design rules to at least help protect women.

In Dec. 2005, these “office-based-surgery rules” began to apply to  Kansas’ doctor-office surgical abortion clinics (numbering 6 in  2005, now 2) (more…)

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Darling, think of all the money!

The Kansas City, Kansas, Aid for Women abortion business has been training 2 new Wichita abortionists to open their own clinic in Wichita, sometime in mid-2011.

Family practitioner Mila L. Means and anesthesiologist Gregory S. Linhardt are being shown the ropes by 70-year-old Aid for Women clinic owner/abortionist, Ronald N. Yeomans.

According to Lifenews.com, Means reportedly purchased abortion equipment from the now-closed clinic of  George Tiller and plans to begin doing abortions on Saturdays, with Linhardt, at her current Wichita medical office, 9916 East Harry St. Suite 105.

Will this new clinic push against our state 22-week viability law?

The initial AP news report says (more…)

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"To Catch a Predator" TV at PP?

To Planned Parenthood’s benefit, an activist Superior Court judge took the teeth out of a long-sought Alaska law that would require clinics to notify parents before their under-age daughters undergo abortion.

Judge John Suddock allowed the law to go into effect today–which Planned Parenthood says they’ll still appeal– but he removed any incentive for clinics to obey the law by

  • removing the fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years for abortionist noncompliance,
  • relaxing the law to allow physicians or a “designee” to notify parents or guardians, and
  • disallowing abortionists from being liable for damages.

The need for such law is clearly playing out in Ohio, where two families are suing Planned Parenthood for failure to contact parents and failure to report statutory rape to the proper authorities. (more…)

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KS judge-selection process bends to citizen discontent

In a surprise online release Friday, the Kansas Nominating Commission that screens applicants for the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals said the public will be able to attend candidate interviews, beginning Feb. 17.

The Commission’s Chair said opening the interviews is designed to instill further confidence so “Kansans now can see for themselves how well the nonpartisan merit selection process works.”  However, it is really just a tiny step forward, since the Commission

  1. reserved the right to adjourn to executive session during the interviews;
  2. doesn’t promise public access to the commission discussion or vote tallies;
  3. doesn’t have citizen input on questions posed.

A lawsuit (KFL post here) filed earlier this year in federal court in Wichita challenged the constitutionality of the state’s closed judicial nominating process, in which lawyers–not citizens– pick five of the nine nominating commission members who screen judicial candidates.

TheKansasReporternoted that (more…)

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The dominant long-term concerns of Kansas’ health division (KDHE) are smoking, flu and obesity.   Abortion is not viewed as a significant impediment to Kansas’ future growth and well-being.

The official 2009 state health statistics for Kansas that were just released, do include many tables showing race, age and county of women getting abortions, but no sense of the massive health crisis abortion presents in lost lives, damaged women and subsequent unhealthy children.

State data shows there were over 41,300 Kansans born last year, with a ratio of almost 9 Kansas births for every Kansas baby aborted.  That’s a good ratio, compared to many states.

However, the nearly 4,800 Kansas unborn children aborted in 2009 roughly equals the total resident student population attending Emporia State University.

Thus, every year, the number of aborted Kansas children could populate another whole state university!  Tragic–but apparently not worthy of targeted state health initiatives.

Viewing the state statistics as a weekly snapshot, each week (on average) 879 Kansas unborn children left their mothers’ wombs. (more…)

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Update, Jan.5: Obamacare death panels removed after pro-life backlash.

The euthanasia watchdogs at LifeTree.com released disturbing news Friday that the Sebelius-led HHS is reinstating mandatory end-of-life counseling in the implementation of Obamacare.

After the public outcry last summer about such counselingcalled ‘pulling the plug on granny‘– the offending section was removed.

Smart observers, conservative and liberal, recognize that government single-payer insurance (like that of Canada and the U.K.) will necessarily search for mechanisms to reduce the number of medically-expensive elderly and disabled.

Such is the preoccupation of the Kansas City-based Center for Practical Bioethics [CPB], headed by (more…)

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A U.S. House bill that could have expanded VA (Veteran’s Administration) involvement in performing, procuring and counseling for abortion was successfully neutered before passage today.  Kansas has VA centers in Topeka, Wichita and Leavenworth.

H.R. 5953 — a Woman Vets ‘Bill of Rights’--requires information about specific services for women and amputees be posted inside VA facilities.  It was hurried to a vote today in the lame duck session by order of the Democratic leadership, and National Right to Life had alerted Congress that abortion-exclusionary language was needed.

The necessary language was added before passage.  If not approved by the Senate in the next few weeks, the bill will die (more…)

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