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Chris Martinez

Pro-lifers mourn the deaths of 2 Kansas warriors this past week: Kansans for Life’s Political Action chair, Chris Martinez, and state representative Jim Morrison (R-Colby).

Chris died Saturday after several years battling cancer, and was buried Wednesday in his home town of Augusta.  He had long been an activist with Kansans for Life before moving to the political action committee to energize the recruitment of pro-life candidates, and was pleased at the ever-improving election results.

Chris developed the PAC website and worked diligently to improve KFL effectiveness, even during periods when he was quite ill.  He was a model of leadership, patience and good will and will be sorely missed.

Rep. Jim Morrison

On Wednesday, House Rep. Jim Morrison passed away while undergoing treatment for his heart condition.  Jim had a wide variety of talents and was a virtual “energizer bunny” despite years of health challenges.

Pro-lifers benefited when he was chair of the House health committee from 2003- 2008, during which time Gov. Sebelius was exerting tremendous pressure to create bad state policy on abortion and cloning.

Jim was a solid pro-life vote and often had clever ideas for the KFL legislative team.  When you see Rep. Morrison’s ‘God Bless America’ Kansas license plate (more…)

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Only a handful of doctors perform abortions in late pregnancy, so the media template goes.

A TIME Magazine Nov. 5 story about Warren Hern and a Washington Post Nov. 10 piece on LeRoy Carhart defined these men as two of the “very few willing to do late abortions.”

But that’s far from true, according to a riveting new analysis from our parent group, the National Right to Life Committee.

A 2008 study by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute reports that of 1,787 U.S. abortionists in 2005, 300 did abortions after 20 weeks LMP  and 140 of them after 24 weeks LMP. (LMP dates the pregnancy from the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period.)

“That more than 140 abortion providers are willing to kill unborn children who are capable of feeling the excruciating pain of abortion is a tragedy

– a tragedy that we can easily stop in the state legislatures,said Mary Spaulding Balch, NRLC director of state legislation.

While the phrase “late-term abortion” has no fixed legal (more…)

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Nebraska’s ban on abortions after 20 weeks gestation has only been in effect for 3 weeks and the expected result has occurred.   Omaha’s notorious late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart –unable to muster any Constitutional challenge –will be plying his trade in other states.

In a TV interview today, Carhart claims he will be opening ‘Centers for Sexual and Reproductive Services’ in December.  As pro-lifers anticipated, one location will be in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 8 minutes away from his current Omaha facility.  Two more locations are planned for Indiana and Maryland.

No Kansas facility for Carhart was discussed today, although he still holds a Kansas medical license.

16 months ago, following George Tiller’s murder, Carhart boasted he would ‘continue the Tiller legacy’ in Kansas, but Tiller’s widow announced the Wichita late-term abortion business would be permanently closed, and it remains so to this day.

Nebraska’s historic new law is called the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, (more…)

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KFL sponsored an anti-PP billboard this month

Recent Planned Parenthood billboards in the Kansas City area hail their 75th anniversary of  ‘helping your loved ones’.  Indignant pro-lifers contacted Kansans for Life to co-sponsor billboard rebuttals. (Sample shown)

The anniversary fundraising dinner received, in effect, free publicity from the Kansas City Star, part of the McClatchy chain.  Having pocketed Planned Parenthood’s 2006 Maggie Award–named for eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger– the Star exhibits an ongoing love affair with the abortion business located in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

One Star piece profiled Emily Boyer, a 20-year-old college student scheduled to speak at the dinner, based on her PP experience of  “canvassing crowds with petitions for support of comprehensive sex education, passing out condoms on her campus and sitting at information tables.”

A Star editorial on the day of the fundraiser read like a glowing press release.  It cited PP’s history in Kansas City, attempting to minimize its 5,000 annual abortions (half of Kansas’ total) and the 107 criminal (more…)

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Door posting tells of Aug. 31 Lawrence PP closing

Now that the Planned Parenthood of Lawrence, near the University of Kansas (KU), quietly closed 9 weeks ago, Kansas is down to 3 abortion clinics–all in the northeast corner of the state.

The Lawrence PP street-mall facility was not licensed or inspected by the state.  It provided contraceptives and chemical abortions with no doctor onsite. The notice on the door attributes its closure to a “lack of need” and recommends the county and KU clinics as well as the PP clinic one-half-hour away.

Too many resident KU students went to this facility, instead of getting help from their family and connecting with sound pro-life physicians.   We recommend pregnant women of any age consult the Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence, where they can obtain physician-reviewed ultrasounds and assistance for a variety of needs. (see this list for other centers across Kansas)

Kansas’ remaining abortion facilities are: (more…)

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Closing in on a pro-life Kansas

Tuesday’s Kansas election results are final and it was a huge victory for life!  All Kansas members of the U.S. Congress and Senate will aggressively fight to turn back ‘Obamacare’ with its abortion promotion and rationed healthcare threats.

Our goal at Kansans for Life has always been to create a Kansas where all unborn children and their mothers are protected and welcomed. Gov.-elect Brownback has stated that he will sign all pro-life bills that get to his desk, and we are designing a legislative agenda with that in mind.

We made a net gain of thirteen new House reps that are pro-life,

  • bringing the 125 member total to 88 pro-life and 37 pro-abortion;
  • 79 out of 92 Republican reps are pro-life;
  • 9 out of 33 Democrat reps are pro-life.

11 districts with hard-core Democrat pro-abortion incumbents were replaced with self-identified pro-life (more…)

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Kansas turned a historic corner Tuesday.  With pro-lifers winning nearly every significant state office, the health of Kansas women, and safety of unborn children, will be better protected.

  • The U.S. Senate and Congress will now benefit from strong Kansas voices against Obamacare;
  • Gov.-elect Sam Brownback, will welcome, and sign, the many pro-life bills Sebelius vetoed.

Kansans for Life rejoices that the electorate expelled Sebelius’ hand-selected abortion-industry-protector, AG Stephen Six, and hopes that the Johnson County prosecution of Planned Parenthood will engage the assistance of AG-elect Derek Schmidt.

The 125-member Kansas House increased it’s pro-life majority to over 2/3 as nearly 80% of KFL-supported state representative candidates won their races.  Correction Nov.5: Of the 20% losses, notably 4 endorsed pro-life incumbent Democrats were unseated by Republicans (3 pro-life and 1 undeclared).

The ‘Fire Beier’ campaign– started by the KFL political action committee to discourage retention of 4 (more…)

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