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KS Supreme Court/ standing: Lee A. Johnson, Carol A. Beier, Eric S. Rosen, Dan Biles; seated: Lawton R. Nuss, Robert E. Davis, Marla J. Luckert

The James Madison Law Center filed suit Thursday in federal court on behalf of Kansans who oppose the current system of nominating justices for the Kansas Supreme Court as unconstitutionally denying ordinary voters an equal voice.

Kansas attorneys have the most unrestricted power of any state in the union to hand-select state Supreme Court justices.  The retirement of Chief Justice Robert Davis preceding his Aug. 4 death,

leaves lame duck Democrat Gov. Mark Parkinson an opportunity to add another liberal member to this Sebelius-majority Court, which has stalled prosecution against Planned Parenthood since May 2009.

Files obtained after the Court ruled in the 2005 abortion files case, led to the filing of 107 criminal charges against the Planned Parenthood in Overland Park.  In that ruling, Justice Davis–along with then-Chief Justice Kay McFarland– complained about Justice Carol Beier’s prejudicial rant against AG Phill Kline.

Thursday’s lawsuit seeks a federal restraining order to prevent a nominating commission from filling the Davis vacancy, and is asking a federal judge to prohibit the nominating committee from being involved in the process. UPDATE, Fri. Sept.10: Judge Monti Belot heard arguments and promised a ruling next week.

The nine-member nominating commission (more…)

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abortion profits= top concern

Virginia state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued an opinion Tuesday that their state health agency can institute standards for currently-unregulated abortion clinics –and abortion supporters are fuming that such oversight will close clinics.

As always, their concern is the abortion business bottom line, not sanitation and safety for women.

Like Kansas, Virginia abortion clinics largely operate as “physician offices,”  not subject to (more…)

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A U.S. district court today slapped down President Obama’s order to ignore federal law banning federal tax-funding of destructive human embryonic research.

Judge Royce Lamberth granted the injunction after finding that the federal lawsuit –filed by researchers whose work uses non-embryonic stem cells– would likely succeed.

The lawsuit against the National Institutes of Health argues that the Obama/NIH guidelines violate the 1996 ban against tax-funded embryo destruction,
effectually take funds from researchers seeking to work with adult stem cells.

UPDATE Aug 25: The Obama administration announced today it will appeal the decision while Colorado Democrat Congresswoman Diane DeGette who had filed legislation intended to codify Obama’s executive order says she plans to push to make such funding law before a predictably more conservative new Congress is elected. Media misreports the effect on current research.

In July 2009, Obama’s NIH policy went into effect,  overturning the protections President Bush put in place to protect taxpayers from having to fund stem cell research that destroys human life.

Despite the wailing about this ruling, privately-funded human embryonic experimentation continues.  UPDATE Aug. 27: Poll: 57% of Americans Oppose Tax Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The researchers who were granted standing to sue have been involved in non-embryonic research and have applied for NIH grants.

Their suit claims the government “dismissed or ignored (more…)

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Rucker freed from Court slime

Kansans for Life rejoices that the Kansas attorney-ethics panel has dropped all the slimy Court-instigated charges against Eric Rucker, chief aide to former AG Phill Kline.

Rucker’s attorney, Caleb Stegall, called the ruling, “a vindication of what Mr. Rucker has maintained all along, that he was wholly innocent of the charges that he lied and conducted a dishonest investigation in pursuit of a personal agenda.”

The ethical investigation was punishment by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’s judicial appointees (particularly Justice Carol Beier) against Rucker, Kline and his other AG prosecutor, Steve Maxwell, for the “crime” of attempting to prosecute abortion crimes.

But the final panel report reveals distressing evidence that charges against Rucker were BASED ON FALSEHOODS:

  1. a misstatement of Rucker’s trial response by the judicial administrator, and
  2. an inaccurate quote that the state Supreme Court submitted from a sealed motion.

What is so disturbing is (more…)

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Kansas has the most elitist State Supreme Court justice selection process (map by KansasWatchdog)

Elections truly have consequences, but Kansas attorneys have the most unrestricted power of any state in the union to hand-select state Supreme Court justices. (see details and comparisons to other states at Kansas Watchdog)

The Kansas Supreme Court is composed of 7 justices: 2 appointed by Gov. Bill Graves, 4 by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, and, as of this week, in the closing months of his term, abortion-supporting Gov. Mark Parkinson will pick a replacement for recently deceased Chief Justice Robert Davis (an appointee of pro-life Gov. Joan Finney).

Theoretically, these justices pledge to be neutral and uphold the state Constitution.  But consider the actual actions of a Sebelius-majority Court:

  • the Court’s repeated pro-abortion-industry interventions,
  • Justice Beier’s rant and insistence on sanctions against AG Phill Kline (decried by Davis and then-chief Justice MacFarland) in the 2005 Alpha “clinic files” decision,  and
  • the current 15-month delay on the Planned Parenthood criminal case.

KFL has been supportive of changing the way (more…)

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Kansas pro-lifers battled against inclusion of abortion coverage (see here and here ) when the state Regents in 2006 restructured health insurance for public universities at Emporia, Fort Hays, K-State (Manhattan), KU (Lawrence), KU-Med, Pittsburg and Wichita.

But abortion coverage still got in there.

The current United Healthcare policy, designed for undergrads, graduate students and international students, forbids coverage for elective abortion while, in the section on allowable pregnancy complications, covers “therapeutic” abortions.

“Therapeutic” abortion was the old term for any abortion a practitioner will sign off on.  This was the very loophole warned about during debate on the Senate floor.

While elective abortion is supposedly not covered, there are no legal definitions distinguishing between “elective” and “therapeutic” abortions.

That leaves us with abortionists deciding what to call therapeutic, and in Kansas, we have a nasty history of abortions being obtained for specious reasons, according to expert witness, Dr. Paul McHugh.

This is taxpayer money being siphoned off without anyone reviewing the receipts.

Kansas has never had a pro-life State Insurance Commissioner to ferret out this abuse, and our current state Supreme Court (particularly Justice Carol Beier) halted the only Attorney General who ever attempted to keep abortionists honest.

All the more reason a pro-life Governor and more pro-life state representatives need to be elected.

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As part of her 2006 Kansas gubernatorial re-election campaign, Kathleen Sebelius heavily promoted creating a “stem cell superhighway” between Kansas and Missouri, with the prime mover being the Kansas City-based Stowers Institute.

Such research would include destructive hESCR (human Embryonic Stem Cell Research) although great pains were taken to disguise the truth by always substituting the phrase “early cells” for embryos.

Amidst (false) cries from university scientists that hESCR cures were imminent, Stowers formed “Life-saving Cures” front groups in both states to misinform the public and to funnel plenty of money to lobbyists and politicians.

Stowers has kept several hESCR projects on the payroll,including Harvard’s George Daley, who has (more…)

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KFL-favored pro-lifers won their House primary races 2-1

Tuesday’s election primaries saw 31 Kansas House races where Kansans for Life’s endorsement or recommendation was in play.  Our candidates won about twice as often: 20 wins and 11 losses, with 5 House races decided by less than 250 votes.

And a loss in the primary doesn’t mean the district will have pro-abortion representation, because some of the non-KFL-endorsed winners are pro-life, and many of the general election opponents without primaries, are pro-life.  (Our updated general election choices will be posted soon at www.voteprolife.net.)

It’s a nice problem to face– races where both party’s candidates are pro-life!  This is a reflection of the increasing number of national polls where majorities of the public self-identify as pro-life. (more…)

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The Trust Women PAC (political action committee) is making robo-calls on behalf of Jean Schodorf, the sole pro-abortion GOP primary candidate in the Wichita-area 4th district congressional district race.

The phone message is voiced by hard-line abortion defender and former Kansas Senator, Pat Ransom, saying former U.S. Senator Nancy Landon-Kassebaum also supports Schodorf.

But this PAC is the self-described “Tiller legacy” PAC, created “to protect the rights of physicians who provide comprehensive reproductive health care, including later termination.”  (translation of later: third trimester destruction, even when the unborn child is viable)

Trust Women PAC is the creation of Julie Burkhart, George Tiller’s former right-hand assistant, to target elections in “red” states using the Kansas ProKanDo list as a financial base.

Burkhart left Tiller’s employment during the time the state medical board had filed a non-public petition to take his medical license.  But before she left, Burkhart attempted to silence a late-term-abortion victim who had filed suit against Tiller. (This purported event (more…)

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Kansas Catholic Bishops have issued “Election Year Questions and Answers”–a brochure “to help clarify the implications of candidates’ positions on issues of importance to Catholics.”  It states that

Catholics must gives precedence to issues that directly involve matters of intrinsic moral evil: abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and same-sex marriage.

It reminds that, as Cardinal Ratzinger explained before he became Pope Benedict XVI, “Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia…There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”

The Kansas document was distributed statewide over the past 2 weekends in local church bulletins.  It restates the Catholic opposition to this year’s new health care reform because it “fails to protect conscience rights” of health care providers and will also “force some Americans to pay directly for other people’s abortions.”

The Q & A does not discuss or recommend parties or candidates but is a follow up to the more extensive guidelines issued 2006 under the title, “Moral Principles for Catholic Voters.”

In that document, the Bishops stated, “it is a correct judgment of conscience that we would commit moral evil if we were to vote for a candidate who takes a permissive stand on those actions that are intrinsically evil when there is a morally-acceptable alternative.”

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