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Kris Neuhaus "rubber stamped" late abortions

The Kansas state Healing Arts Board is taking action against licensee Kristin Neuhaus for enabling illegal late-term abortions and AP reports a preliminary hearing took place last week.  Kansans for Life hopes this action, and loss of her license, can move forward quickly.

Neuhaus still has a state medical license, although it is of  “exempt” status.  On her 2010 renewal form, she described her professional activities as “Self-Employed, Solo-Practice…Charitable Health Care, Treatment of Family and Friends with no compensation.”

In the past, Neuhaus was observed assisting at an indigent clinic in Kansas City, Kansas but her current work address(es) are hidden by the Board.  Although  they have not done so for other Kansas abortionists, they have uniquely blocked her business addresses, citing open record exemption K.S.A. 45-221 (a)(30) to prevent “an invasion of personal privacy.”

Notably, 2 of the 3 non-Kansan abortionists who performed late-term abortions (more…)

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The U.S. Senate Democrat majority failed to push through a federal bill that would “gag” the free flow of candidate information, S.3628.  Passage was opposed by Kansans for Life and National Right to Life.  UPDATE, Sept.23: The Senate failed to allow another vote to take place on the DISCLOSE act.

Rushed through without hearings, and almost certainly unconstitutional, this misnamed “DISCLOSE” bill was NOT a public citizen-serving election reform, but a roundly criticized vehicle to favor certain establishment interest groups and shut down real information voters needed.

The required on-air disclaimers in DISCLOSE would take up nearly half of every 30 second television ad.  Why should the government hijack political informational messages –given all the other disclosure already required by the law?

Most of the disclosure provisions of DISCLOSE have never gone before the Supreme Court, or indeed any court.  One provision prevents expedited court review before the upcoming elections!

The Court has allowed more (more…)

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Kansas U. S. Senator Pat Roberts is taking on Obamacare— from challenging HHS head Sebelius to correct erroneous consumer health care information to protesting the President’s recess appointment of Medicare &  Medicaid [CMS] chief Donald Berwick.

Yesterday, Sen. Roberts presented a “sense of the Senate” resolution declaring the Berwick appointment “an abuse of power” and calling for Berwick to appear before the Senate Finance Committee to answer questions.

The Senate Finance committee has not scheduled hearings to examine Berwick’s many controversial comments in support of rationing health care, including the philosophy that health care must necessarily redistribute wealth.  In a July 17 speech, Sen. Roberts explained why the installation of Berwick without the Constitutionally-prescribed Senate vetting was so egregious:

  • Berwick will control one third of health care spending in the nation, (more…)

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An Oklahoma County District Judge has blocked enforcement of a new state law that would require abortion clinics to provide each woman with an explained ultrasound image of her unborn child.

Each description would include fetal dimensions, age and whether a heartbeat, limbs and organs are present. Abortion supporters fought the law as “emotionally abusive.” The NY Center for Reproductive Rights challenged the law’s constitutionality using various arguments:

  • that women might be forced to hear irrelevant medical info;
  • that women are capable of caring for themselves;
  • that the law violates doctor’s free speech rights.

But consider how ridiculous such complaints are in any other medical context– like cancer or even a “wanted” pregnancy with complications.  Physicians outside the abortion arena do not withhold test results (more…)

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Abortion supporters are angry that the federal HHS department has announced that states must obey abortion limits in new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs). The Sebelius-headed HHS department was merrily approving abortion-funding plans to begin immediately– until the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) blew the whistle.

A revised HHS statement now indicates there will be a policy for all PCIPs to follow the “Hyde” abortion limitations, as implemented in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan.  Under this principle, federally-funded insurance can only cover abortions for rape, incest and threat to the life of mother without access to supplemental money to enlarge the policy to cover elective abortion.

Abortion allies, including NARAL and the National Women’s Law Center, consider this an unnecessary concession by Obama and –since it is not yet written policy– are fighting it.  UPDATES: Democrats for Life in denial and Jill Stanek analyzes abortion supporters’ ire.

The HHS backpedaling began only after National Right to Life exposed the specific imminent abortion coverage in the HHS-managed PCIPs of Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and now Maryland. UPDATE: FactCheck.org agrees.

Under Obamacare, state “exchange” insurance (more…)

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Obama and Sebelius

The National Right to life Committee revealed Tuesday that the first Sebelius /HHS-approved “Obamacare” insurance plan for states will indeed cover abortions. (Read their detailed memo here.)

Announced on June 28 as a high-risk pool plan approved in Pennsylvania, the language deceptively claims on one page that “elective” abortions would be  prohibited.  But in another section, the plan allows coverage for “legal” abortions and contraception.  Under Pennsylvania statute, abortions are “legal” through all nine months for any reason except admitted “gender” selection.

So much for the political lies from Democrats like Rep. Bart Stupak and his allies that the President’s March “executive order” would suffice to keep U.S. taxpayers from funding abortion under Obamacare.

UPDATES today: The Washington Times explains the deceit. NRLC says the New Mexico high-risk plan also covers abortion. Stupak squirms.

And even more shameful (more…)

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GOP primary opponents Moran & Tiahrt

Congressman Jerry Moran’s U.S. Senate campaign is conducting a cover up about his voting record as a Kansas Senator and then unwisely has attacked opponent Todd Tiahrt’s campaign for running an ad that tells the truth.   The ad reveals:

“inexcusably, Congressman Moran objected to parents’ rights, and responsibilities… when he voted against parental notification.  Not once, but twice.”

Kansans for Life Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, released a media statement Monday night on behalf of the KFL -PAC (Political Action Committee) based on documentation that shows Moran did vote against parental consent in 1989, and against parental notification in 1990 and 1991. At the time of these votes, Moran expressed NO pro-life concerns– in fact, Moran officially joined the written explanations of pro-abortion Kansas Senators in 1990!

It seems that the many failed political cover-up lessons have not been learned by Moran’s camp. Kansans want the truth, not newly-concocted defenses that don’t hold water… to wit, that he voted FOR his Catholic constituents by voting AGAINST the parental bills supported by the Kansas Catholic Conference, as well as KFL, Concerned Women for America and others. What we see is that:

  1. as a Senator for the more liberal Hays district, Moran voted with the abortion industry;
  2. then, as a Congressman for the pro-life First District, he voted pro-life;
  3. now that he is running to represent the entire state, which includes several abortion strongholds, will he vote pro-life?

A recent fundraiser for Moran by pro-abortion Republicans, shows they have decided who the weaker pro-life candidate is.  This is problematic, when combined with Moran’s flawed excuse. (see press release for more details)

Kansans for Life has endorsed Congressman Tiahrt for the GOP primary,  read more here.

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