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The political chess game continues!

The absence of 2 pro-life Kansas State Representatives today at the statehouse delayed the effort to successfully override Gov. Mark Parkinson’s veto of late-term abortion reporting reform (HB 2115).

A vote of 82-40, with 3 absent, would have ended the override effort.   Pro-life leader Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) voted against the override ONLY as a procedural move so that another vote could be taken. The House adjourned until Monday at 11 a.m.

Pro-lifers look forward to a “full  House” on Monday when the motion to re-vote on the override will be immediately undertaken. We expect to achieve the 2/3 majority of 84 votes needed for override, barring any more absences.

After that, the measure heads to the Senate, where again, the vote will be  a nail-biter.

Rep. Rocky Fund (R-Hoyt) who is undergoing chemotherapy, struggled to come today solely for this override vote.  (more…)

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Many saw the Bart Stupak betrayal as undoing decades of work developing a viable pro-life wing of the Democrat party. After all, Stupak had been co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life caucus.

Kansans will watch to see how many heroic pro-life Democrat state reps there are today, during the expected vote on HB 2115— a bill to put teeth into the law requiring actual medical reasons be reported for aborting viable unborn children.

Last month, a stunning 19 of 48 Democrat Reps voted for HB 2115!

However, (Dem) Gov. Parkinson vetoed HB 2115 with a lame excuse–following the bad example of  ex-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who vetoed 4 measures  (one each year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) dealing with this issue.

As we count it, the Senate and House are both one vote away from achieving override.  Democrats will play a key role–if they will defy the lame-duck governor.

Only one of 9 Democrat Senators--Janis Lee– voted for HB 2115, and will likely get (more…)

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Medical malpractice occurs when physician error causes patient damage. Civil lawsuits provide injured patients redress for situations where good physicians do bad things or where bad physicians are operating in an environment that’s not good for consumers.  The application to abortion seems obvious.

When Kansas lawmakers resume work today, they will attempt an override of vetoed bill, HB 2115– the late-term abortion reporting bill.  HB 2115 also strengthens the right of patients to sue for medical malpractice and illegal abortions.

  1. One provision rescinds physician immunity from civil suits for insufficient abortion counseling & preparation.
  2. Another provision gives standing to sue for victims of a criminal late-term abortion: the woman and her husband at the time of the abortion; and, if a minor, to her parent/guardian.

Currently, women in abortion clinics have limited physician contact and instead, are routinely counseled by a non-professionally-certified staff member, often just a high school graduate with “on the job” training.  (more…)

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Today’s politically correct tempest centers on whether the Susan G. Komen foundation should have permitted Kentucky Fried Chicken to be involved in their breast cancer fund-raising, with some claiming that the Colonel’s do-goodness is canceled out with his high-cholesterol and obesity-causing fried chicken.

So while liberals fuss that Komen is allowing itself to be used to improve KFC’s public image, they don’t fuss when Komen does it for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion business.

Figures show some Komen affiliates (not Kansas) have given Planned Parenthood $3 million between 2003 and 2008 and $805,000 in the 2008 fiscal year.  The money has been claimed as designated for breast exams, but whether or not it was used for that, the Komen relationship allows PP to

  • create a positive public image as a “trusted health care provider;”
  • gain access to another group of consumers who come for exams;
  • identify itself as pro-woman while hurting women’s health for profit.

Planned Parenthood’s mission is promoting and selling abortion and chemical contraception– the two most avoidable behaviors that raise women’s risk of breast cancer.

Komen’s website does not spell out this “Politically Incorrect” information, although the site (more…)

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The fifth annual attempt to put teeth into Kansas’ 1998 late-term abortion law was vetoed Thursday by Sebelius’ figurehead, Gov. Mark Parkinson.  See comments here by KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp.

Like any Kansas law, the late-term abortion ban relies on the integrity of both the Governor and the Attorney General to insure compliance.  But within weeks of the law taking effect in 1998, it was ignored, as the national media telegraphed how Michigan parents obtained a 28-week-gestation abortion in Wichita for their pre-teen daughter.  The governor and Attorney General passed the buck then, and it has been downhill ever since.

The Kansas health department (KDHE) statistics division wrongly accepts reports with non-answers where medical reasons were to have been reported by abortionists who had performed post-viability abortions.  At the conclusion of KDHE’s testimony to the 2007 joint Federal State Affairs committee investigating the late-term abortion crisis, Chairman (Rep.) Arlen Siegfreid (R- Olathe) summarized their defiance with this:

“The Department is telling us that if we expect any more than what they have got on these forms, we are going to have to change the law to get it, seeing as they would not even commit to an Attorney General’s ruling compelling them to do this.”

Yet Gov. Parkinson had the nerve to say in his veto message that the law need not be changed! Are the following facts examples of how the Sebelius/Parkinson administration enforces this law? (more…)

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Nebraska’s new Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act forbids all abortions after 20 weeks gestation (except for true medical emergencies).  It is supported by decades of evidence about the  unborn child’s pain sensitivity.

Federal laws exist to prevent animal cruelty such as  restrictions on how livestock are slaughtered and how animals are used in medical research. Thus a law banning excruciating abortions is something a civilized society should applaud.

Biologically, human pain receptors develop early in gestation, but pain dampeners don’t function til birth.  Thus, cutting and stabbing a day old “born” baby would actually hurt less than cutting and stabbing one at 20 weeks in the womb.

The recognition of pain perception in the preterm infant and fetus has led to changes in anesthesia standards with improved surgical outcomes.  Up until the late 1980’s preterm infants were not given anesthesia or analgesia with surgical procedures.  Today it is routine to provide anesthesia to not only preterm infants as early as 23 weeks but also to fetus- in-utero surgical procedures.

Because they lack pain-inhibiting mechanisms, premature infants– at the same gestational age as late abortions– require higher concentrations of drugs to maintain effective surgical anesthesia. (more…)

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This weekend, Florida practitioner Matthew Kachinas lost his license for medical mishaps, including killing the wrong twin in a “selective reduction” abortion.

Kachinas had been contracted to eliminate a Down syndrome twin boy and leave the “normal” girl twin, but he injected poison into the wrong twin. Within a week the “parents” aborted the remaining, originally- targeted twin.

The pregnancy had been the result of in-vitro fertilization with an egg donor and much could be said about the sad state of objectifying children and ordering them up from a technology-assisted menu.

But the undeniable hard fact is that “designer baby” eugenics is big business; the doctors, hospital, egg donor, fertility business, pre-natal screener, and the “DNA defect” test creator– all made money from the creation, and destruction, of these children– and pro-abortion politicians make money from all of them.

In the U.S. , an estimated 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted and under Obamacare this trend will not be abated.

In fact, the chief decision-maker on approved procedures is HHS head, Kathleen Sebelius– who, as Governor, didn’t care that viable babies with Down syndrome were being aborted ILLEGALLY in Kansas. (more…)

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