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Chloe Levine's cerebral palsy symptoms left after a cord blood infusion (photo by her mom)

By Chloe Levine’s first birthday, her parents learned their daughter was afflicted with cerebral palsy. Luckily, not only had her parents banked stem cells from Chloe’s  umbilical cord at her birth, but also professor Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg of Duke University was conducting a study where children with cerebral palsy were injected with their own cord blood cells.

Fox news reports: “On May 28, 2008, at the age of 2, Chloe received a 15-minute infusion of her stem cells… Within four days, her parents saw a noticeable difference, although Kurtzberg said most kids show benefits three to nine months later.  “Her life is completely normal, (more…)

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hanger“Safe -and-legal”  San Francisco abortion supporters today announced they’ll be mailing hangers to the “20 formerly pro-choice Democrats ” who voted for the pro-life Stupak amendment to the Pelosi health bill. Abortion-by-hangers was all that Kansas abortion lobbyist Julie Burkhart could babble about when the media asked her (in April 2004) why she wasn’t outraged about women in the rat-and-rodent-infested Krishna Rajanna clinic.

Rajanna's Kansas City clinic 2003-2005

Kansans for Life organized legislators to demand the state medical board investigate that clinic, exposed more safety violations at the Kansas City-suburb-Planned Parenthood clinic, and initiated a grand jury to  investigate the death by infection of a healthy teen at Tiller’s clinic.

The irony remains that certain self-described feminists who wave hangers signifying concerns about “safe abortion,” (more…)

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The popular online science and policy digest MercatorNet published Time mag killing grannyopposing editorials on end of life care today.

The pro-rationing piece was authored by bioethicist Summer Johnson, and approved by Kansas Board of Healing Arts member, Myra Christopher, who heads the sophisticated euthanasia movement at the Center for Practical Bioethics in Kansas City, Missouri.

Veteran pro-life nurse, Nancy Valko, detailed a variety of concerns in her outstanding rebuttal.  Valko said she has witnessed how hospital ethics committee discussions have devolved from ‘what is right’ to ‘what is legal’. Valko knows from her work in the trenches, how deeply the health care industry has fallen into a death panel/ utilitarian (more…)

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After private conversations and warnings to Kathleen Sebelius about her scandalous abortion record did not produce any change of heart, Archbishop Joseph Naumann (Kansas City, KS) instructed watch Your Stepher to stop presenting herself for Holy Communion.  He did this privately in August 2007 and publicly in May 2008.

After becoming HHS head this spring, Sebelius was coy when asked whether she would be seen at Church.  But Naumann’s rebuke has borne other fruit among his brethren, welcomed by serious pro-lifers of all denominations this week.

Bishop Thomas Tobin (Providence, Rhode Island) has been publicly reprimanding “Catholic” Rep. Patrick Kennedy (more…)

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In chronological order below, annual state Rally and Pro-life banquets.

kidpainting1.) The statewide, annual KFL Grade school POSTER CONTEST has begun! Deadline: Dec. 15, 2009  Details: HERE (winners & qualifiers shown at Jan.22 Rally) (more…)

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twilight zonePro-abortion Senators, who view Planned Parenthood as necessary medical providers, decry volunteer-run pregnancy centers as pseudo-clinics, and fuss about the supposedly necessary separation of church and state, inserted a provision into Obamacare to fund “religious” healing activities! (more…)

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Government reports documenting the ever-rising U.S. rate of pre-term birth and infant mortality do not connect the dots with our nation’s most-liberal-in-the-world abortion policy and unregulated IVF industry

U.S. government statisticians continue to scratch their heads about runaway prematurity-driven infant mortality in a nation with the best medical care in the world, while overlooking how a three-decades rise in abortions matches the rise in preterm births(more…)

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