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The federal government’s move to take over health care is clearly an unconstitutional power grab.   What is even more alarming– beyond the deeply embedded abortion agenda– is how culture of death agents, including one group from Kansas City, have seized these reforms as opportunities to establish further footholds.


The new, nearly-2,000 page, Pelosi House bill will increase tax funding for Planned Parenthood, IVF, destructive embryonic research and includes (yes, Sarah Palin fans) death panels . The groundwork for the panels comes to us courtesy of, by their own admission,
25 years of
work by the Center for Practical Bioethics.

CPB has shown itself utilitarian, bragging that insurers cite them for lowering health care rates in the KC area.  Translation: less insurance money was used when more patients were convinced they didn’t want (or deserve) life-sustaining care. (more…)

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Abortionist Carhart at Oct. 29 D.C. Health Care Reform Rally, photo by Wendy Wright, CWA

Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, under investigation in Nebraska for performing abortions while medicated and with unsterilized equipment, was caught attending a D.C. rally today for health care reform.

Carhart knows what the secular media, National Right to Life Committee and the US Bishops’ pro-life conference all understand– that all committee-passed health reform bills absolutely fund abortion.

Aug 5,2009 By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, WASHINGTON.(AP) – Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has issued  a detailed memorandum that explains how the proposed public plan and the proposed premium subsidy programs would be funded, and why the Hyde Amendment would not apply to the proposed new programs.  (more…)

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PicturemeetingThe Executive Director of the Kansas Board of Healing Arts , Jack Confer, resigned unexpectedly from his position Monday, October 19th.  The Kansas City Star finally reported it six days later.

In the interim they found room on the Sunday, Oct. 25th front page to run an exclusive article about several activists auctioning items on eBay to fund an aggressive justification defense for Scott Roeder, the man who allegedly killed Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.  (more…)

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Prof. New

Prof. Michael New, a Witherspoon Institute fellow and expert abortion research evaluator, has rebutted claims this week on the George Soros-funded ‘reproductive health’ website, RHReality Check, that abortion reduction only realistically comes from electing candidates who support increased welfare instead of significant state regulation of abortion.  New writes:

Pro-lifers may disagree about what types of assistance the government should provide to women facing crisis pregnancies, but nearly all pro-lifers agree that pregnancy resource centers have played a valuable role in helping countless women who decided to bring a crisis pregnancy to term.”

I encourage you to read both informative articles. On NRO online, Prof. New says no such body of evidence currently exists showing welfare spending lowers abortion rates. In the August edition of National Right to Life News, New similarly exposed the manipulations of a study by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, which had a major impact on the debate over sanctity of life issues during the 2008 election.


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Heads Up America: Death Panel Alert!

Kansas City is home to the Center for Practical Bioethics, but it has national influence on end-of-life issues, e.g. their work with former Sen. John Danforth resulted in the Patient Self-Determination Act which forced every health care provider in America to offer all patients living wills.  The living will/advanced directive the Center produces and pushes here has refusal of artificially provided nutrition and hydration as the default, unless it is crossed out and initialed.  Their group was recently hailed as the reason Kansas City’s end-of-life costs are “significantly” cheaper than other cities around the nation.

Knowing that, and sensing their involvement in the end-of-life issues in national health care reform legislation, we attended a talk by their CEO, Myra Christopher on October 1st at the Kansas City Rotary Club, entitled “End of Life as a Component of Health Care Reform: In or Out”.

We transcribed it from audio and sent it to the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics which is the end-of-life arm of the National Right to Life Committee, our national affiliate. (more…)

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U.S. House Speaker Pelosi wants to ram the pro-abortion health care bill through the House! CALL TODAY!!!


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The Pittsburg Morning Sun reports that Justin Pryor will travel to Germany next month to receive adult stem cell therapy that he believes will help him walk again. 

See the story at The Morning Sun.

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