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Father/daughter abortionists, Hodes & Nauser (image from MSNBC, Rachel Maddow show)

Kansas’ new abortion facility law went into effect Friday, July 1, but by 4pm, a court-order granted a temporary injunction against the entire law until a trial is held.  See KFL press release here.

The 2 Kansas abortion businesses that did not undergo the required inspection from the state health division (KDHE), joined in filing a lawsuit claiming

  • there wasn’t enough time to comply with new regulations,
  • the regulations were unneeded and onerous, and
  • the entire endeavor is a plan to end abortion in Kansas.

Assistant Kansas Attorney General Steve Fabert defended the new regulations in court, and argued that the 2 clinics should be petitioning for administrative relief instead of halting the entire law through injunction. The fact that Planned Parenthood was granted a license indicated the regulations were not unreasonable.

“We are disappointed by the judge’s decision [but] he emphasized more than once that it was very early in the process (more…)

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Maddow spins failed KS abortionist as victim

According to the Kansas state Board of Healing arts, years of illegal late abortions were performed by George Tiller with Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus as the rubberstamp for those abortions.

At the time of Tiller’s murder, and after Larry Buening was forced to resign as director, the Board was actively engaged in legal actions to remove Tiller’s medical license.  The Board is now– though twice delayed– scheduled to do the same to Neuhaus.

In a show vilifying Phill Kline and pro-life protestors as a whole, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed the reclusive Neuhaus Wednesday night.

Neuhaus tries on a new image (more…)

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